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Truth For Christians, by Edward Ferner

NOTE: As of November 1, 2013, this book is also available on Kindle!

What does the Bible really say about the future? This book challenges Christians with respect to Bible prophecy. Everyday actions and statements made by Christians are contrasted with those stated in the Scriptures. What about being “Left Behind?” Is that belief a biblical imperative or the invention of man? Will the earth someday be destroyed? Will Jesus set up a physical kingdom here on earth some time in the future? These and other Christian beliefs are the focus of this book.

Each chapter concludes with a series of questions that may be used in small groups or by the individual reader.

A 122 page book containing the following chapters:

Chapter One – Location, Location, Location

Chapter Two – When “Soon” Comes Too Late

Chapter Three – The Destruction of Jerusalem

Chapter Four – God’s Covenants With Mankind

Chapter Five – The Day Of The Lord

Chapter Six – The Believer’s Get Out of Town!

Chapter Seven – “Seeing” Christ at His Parousia (Coming, Presence)

Chapter Eight – Dating the Book of Revelation

Chapter Nine – The Great Commission

Chapter Ten – Summary
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Truth For Non-Christians And Christians Too! A 294 page book containing the following chapters:

Chapter One -A Time Tested Reliable Source for Spiritual Information

Chapter Two – What the Scriptures Say About God

Chapter Three – What the Scriptures Say About Mankind

Chapter Four – The Impact of Believing

Chapter Five – The Bible – A Lifelong Document For the Believer

Chapter Six – Reading the Bible in Context

Chapter Seven – Two Bible Covenants

Chapter Eight – The Church

Chapter Nine – The AD 70 Destruction of Jerusalem and the Day of the Lord

Chapter Ten – Tithing

Chapter Eleven – The Lord’s Supper

Chapter Twelve – Baptism

Chapter Thirteen – Keeping Holy the Sabbath

Chapter Fourteen – Resurrection

Chapter Fifteen – A Place Called “Hell”

Chapter Sixteen – Satan

Chapter Seventeen – The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Chapter Eighteen – Summary


Scripture Index

This book is a must for both non-Christians and Christians alike!