Learning Activity 77A – Water Baptism

In the previous Learning Activity a foundation was laid for the topic of baptism in the Scriptures. In this Learning Activity I will attempt to present to you conclusive proof that in the New Covenant there is but one baptism and that baptism is Spirit Baptism. Water baptism having been a type or shadow in the Old Covenant and Spirit Baptism being the anti type or fulfillment of Old Covenant water baptism.

  1. John 1:26a ______________________________________________________________________________
  2. From the above passage how many baptisms does the Bible say there are? _________________________________
  3. John 1:33b ______________________________________________________________________________
  4. Name the two baptisms that the passages above say are contained in the Bible? _______________________________
  5. Ephesians 4:4, 5 ______________________________________________________________________________Since the passage in Ephesians is speaking of conditions in the New Covenant and NOT the Old Covenant you will notice that there is ONLY ONE baptism in the New Covenant!
  6. What baptism do you think the above passages are identifying as being the ONLY baptism in the New Covenant? _______________________________________The above sequence clearly indicates that water baptism, being a physical act and perhaps even a program of works, along with physical rites and rituals are part and parcel of the Old Covenant and performed and perpetuated by man and NOT by God! We have already learned that what I cannot see is spiritual and a fulfillment of an Old Covenant type or shadow performed by God. Such actions are found in the New Covenant. I must conclude from the above there is only one baptism in the New Covenant and I must renew my mind to that biblical fact.  (Answer #2 is two, answer #4 is water and Spirit baptism, #6 is Spirit Baptism.