Learning Activity 10


The Doctrine of Man

There is a belief that permeates cultures today that would have us believe that mankind is improving and becoming “better.” This is most often attributed to the explosion of knowledge and almost instantaneous electronic communication that we have available to us, but is this really a biblical view of mankind? How is it that God looks upon man? The purpose of this Learning Activity will be to investigate the teaching of the Scriptures on this topic.

  1. Genesis 6:5
  2. What does God say about man in the verse above?

3. Judges 10:6

4. How did the children of Israel treat God in the verse above?

5. Judges 17:6 and 21:25

6. What guided mankind in the two verses above?

7. Romans 3:12

8. In the Romans verse above, how many people does God say that do good by His standards?

9. Romans 3:23, and Ecclesiastes 7:20

10. According to these two verses above, how many of we humans live up to God’s standards of not sinning and displaying the glory of God?

11. As you evaluate what God has said in the scriptures above, what is the status of all of mankind that are NOT Christians?

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