Learning Activity 14 Self-check

Who Did Jesus Die For? – ChristEternalChristianChurch.com LEARNING ACTIVITY SELF-CHECK ANSWERS

Note: The answers/comments that follow are not meant to be the only answer that is correct. The answers/comments recorded below are meant to be used to determine if you think you have grasped what the Bible is saying about a particular subject as determined by your personal evaluation of your responses as compared to those which have been suggested below.

Learning Activity 14 Self-Check

2. When Jesus died on the cross of Calvary He died for the sin of the entire world. This clearly means that those who have lived in the past, the present, and will be born in the future. There are no exceptions.

4a. God loved all of the people.

4b. To have eternal life, Christ living in them, the requirement is that the person must believe in Him (Christ).

6. The ungodly.

8. Sinners.

10. His enemies.

12. Jesus died for “every man.”

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