Learning Activity 18 Self-check

Jesus in the Tomb – ChristEternalChristianChurch.com

2. A spirit being.

4. Eternal life.

6. An eternal spirit.

10. That Christ died.

12. “He was made flesh, and dwelt among us…”
14. That He came in the flesh.

18. Because He lived in a body like ours for thirty-three and one-half years.

20. Jesus.

21. He was sinless.

23. Jesus of Nazareth.

25. His body did not suffer any corruption (decay) while in the tomb before His resurrection.

27. He was put to death “in the flesh.”

31. Jesus was the only man who could ever say that He had the power to lay His life down (die physically) and to pick it back up again (be resurrected physically)!

33. Because it was His fleshly body that would be destroyed and His eternal spirit would live on to accomplish the resurrection.

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