Learning Activity 30 Self-check

Note: The answers/comments that follow are not meant to be the only answer that is correct. The answers/comments recorded below are meant to be used to determine if you think you have grasped what it is the Bible is saying about a particular subject as determined by your personal evaluation of your responses as compared to those which have been suggested below.

2. The stars would stop shinning, the sun and the moon would become dark.

4. The heavens would shake and the earth would change its orbit.

6. No. It is figurative language and not to be taken literally.

8. “The host of heaven shall be dissolved” and “the heavens shall be rolled together as a scroll.”
10. The streams were to be turned into pitch, the dust into brimstone, and the land was to become burning pitch.

12. It was to burn twenty-four hours a day with smoke going up for ever. It would lie waste from generation to generation and no one would ever pass through it ever.

14. A cover will be put on heaven, the stars will go dark, the sun will be covered with a cloud, the moon will go dark. All of the illumination in the heavens will go dark and darkness will cover the land.

16. The mountains will turn into liquid, the valleys will be cut like wax.

18. The mountains quake, the hills melt and the earth is burned.

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