Learning Activity 47 Self-check


2. Destruction was to come from God.

3. Babylon.

5. Vengeance was to come forth to recompense the cause of Zion.

6. All the nations and in particular Bozrah and Idumea.

8. The sword would kill, there would be great pain and destruction would take place.

9. Egypt.

11. Destruction would come from God.

12. Zion, or Israel.

14. God would bring punishment to Jerusalem.

15. A day of wrath, trouble and distress, wasteness and desolation, darkness and gloom, clouds and thick darkness.

17. The city of Jerusalem would be taken, houses rifled, the women ravished and half the city would be taken into captivity.

18. The “day of the Lord” is characterized by the wrath of God being poured out in judgment upon unbelieving and rebellious people groups.

20. The “day of the Lord” that is mentioned in Joel 2:1 was “nigh at hand” or “close at hand.”
21. There has never been another “day of the Lord” like this one and there shall never be another like it in the future. It is a one-of-a-kind.

22. Yes.

23. Jerusalem.

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