Learning Activity 5


Bible References to God


I struggled in deciding whether this Learning Activity should be a Position Paper or a Learning Activity. I finally decided that if a person was working their way through this web site this would be about the time that they should become familiar with the manner in which the Bible refers to God so I decided it should be placed here in the learning sequence.

As you work through this Learning Activity I believe you will benefit if you look up each passage cited below in your Bible. Since there are so many Bible translations available there may be a few passages that are not identical to the Bible I used (the Revised Standard Version RSV), but the activity will serve you well as you become a committed student of the Bible.

Some Bible References to God
  1. Genesis 22:15, the angel of the Lord. (NOTE: You will discover there are God’s angels in the Bible but in this particular verse a very special reference is made describing a heavenly being that spoke to Abraham. In this case, theologians call this event a “theophany.” It is used to identify any temporary, normally visible, manifestation of God as He appears in some other special form (He has to if He is to be seen as He is Spirit and normally invisible to our physical eyesight). These occurrences are distinguished from the manifestation of God in Jesus Christ which is known as the Incarnation when He came to Earth in a physical body.
  2. Genesis 49:24, the Rock of Israel.
  3. Joshua 5:14, Commander of the army of the Lord (which incidentally is another theophany as noted that Joshua fell on his face and worshipped this commander. We only worship God and never another human being!).
  4. 2 Samuel 22:47, the rock of my salvation.
  5. Psalms 3:3, the lifter of my head.
  6. Psalms 24:10, the King of glory.
  7. Psalms 31:2, a rock of refuge and a strong fortress.
  8. Psalms 61:2, the rock that is higher than I.
  9. Psalms 118:22, the head stone of the corner.
  10. Song of Solomon 2:1, the rose of Sharon and the lily of the valley.
  11. Isaiah 9:6, Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting God and Prince of Peace
  12. Isaiah 12:2, My strength, my song, and my salvation.
  13. Isaiah 26:4, an everlasting rock.
  14. Isaiah 40:28, an everlasting God.
  15. Isaiah 54:5, the God of the whole earth.
  16. Isaiah 59:20, Redeemer.
  17. Zechariah 11:9, king over all the earth.
  18. Matthew 1:1, son of David, son of Abraham.
  19. Matthew 1:21, Jesus.
  20. Matthew 1:23, Emmanuel.
  21. Matthew 11:19, friend of sinners.
  22. Matthew 12:18, my beloved.
  23. Matthew 13:37, a sower.
  24. Matthew 16:16, the Christ.
  25. Matthew 23:10, Master.
  26. Matthew 25:10, bridegroom.
  27. Mark 1:24, Jesus of Nazareth, the Holy One of God.
  28. Mark 5:7, Son of the Most High God.
  29. Mark 6:3, Carpenter.
  30. Mark 10:33, the Son of man.
  31. Luke 1:32, Son of the Most High.
  32. Luke 1:47, God my Savior.
  33. Luke 4:23, Physician.
  34. John 1:1, The Word (when clarified by verse 14).
  35. John 1:29, the Lamb of God.
  36. John 1:34, the Son of God.
  37. John 1:49, King of Israel.
  38. John 4:25, 26, The Messiah.
  39. John 8:58, I Am.
  40. John 10:7, the door of the sheep.
  41. John 10:11, the good shepherd.
  42. John 11:25, the resurrection.
  43. John 14:6, the way, the truth, the life.
  44. John 15:5, the vine.
  45. John 20:28, my Lord and my God.
  46. Acts 7:59, Lord Jesus.
  47. Acts 10:36, Lord of all.
  48. Acts 10:42, the judge of the living and the dead.
  49.  1 Corinthians 4:7, our paschal lamb.
  50. Ephesians 2:14, our peace.
  51. Philippines 2:7, servant.
  52. Colossians 1:15, the image of the invisible God.
  53. Colossians 1:16, the creator of all things.
  54. Colossians 1:18, the head of the body.
  55. Colossians 1:27, the hope of glory.
  56. 1 Timothy 1:1, our hope.
  57. 2 Timothy 4:8, the righteous judge.
  58. Titus 2:13, our great God and Savior.
  59. Hebrews 1:2, heir of all things.
  60. Hebrews 1:8, God.
  61. Hebrews 3:1, apostle, and high priest.
  62. Hebrews 4:14, great high priest.
  63. Hebrews 5:6, a priest forever.
  64. Hebrews 7:25, our intercessor.
  65. Hebrews 13:6, my helper.
  66. 1 Peter 2:4, the living stone.
  67. 1 Peter 2:6, the cornerstone, a precious stone.
  68. 2 Peter 1:19, the morning star.
  69. 1 John 1:1, the word of life.
  70. 1 John 2:1, advocate.
  71. 1 John 4:14, Savior of the world.
  72. 1 John 5:20 true God.
  73. Revelation 1:8, Alpha and Omega.
  74. Revelation 5:5, the lion of the tribe of Judah and the Root of David.
  75. Revelation 6:10, Sovereign Lord, holy and true.
  76. Revelation 17:14, Lord of lords and King of kings.
  77. Revelation 19:6, the Lord our God the Almighty.
Final Request

I suspect I may have missed a few of these so I am asking if you come across any that I have missed that you would email those additions to me.

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