Learning Activity 6


God’s Plan for Mankind


Using your Bible, look up the following verses and write them in the space provided. As you proceed answer the questions as they appear.

1. Ephesians 1:3–4



2. What plan did God put in effect before He created the world?


3. Why did God have this plan?


This plan of God’s is fully in effect for all of mankind, but there are two problems.

4. Romans 3:23


5. Romans 5:12


6. What is common to ALL men according to #4 and #5 above?


7. Romans 6:23


8. What is the penalty of God for sin?


9. Ephesians 1:7


The two problems are that ALL men have sinned and the payment for that sin is death! The “his blood for the forgiveness of sins” mentioned in the above verse was the blood of Jesus Christ when He died on the cross at Calvary.

10. In view of the above, how did God plan to take care of the death that was necessary in payment for our sins?


11. Ephesians 1:13


12. What does the Ephesians 1:13 verse say puts God’s plan into operation in our lives?


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