Learning Activity 61

The Parable of the Husbandmen


The parable of the husbandmen appears in three places in the Scriptures:

Matthew 21:33–46
Mark 12:1–12
Luke 20:9–18

1. Luke 20:9

2. To whom was the parable spoken?

3. Who was the parable against? (Who is “the husbandmen) Hint: See Luke 20:19; Matthew 21:45; Mark 12:12

4. What does the vineyard represent in this parable? (Hint: See Matthew 21:43)

5. Who does the “certain man” who planted the vineyard in Luke 20:9 represent?

6. Who do you think the “servants” are that are mentioned in verses ten, eleven and twelve?

7. What do you think “the fruit of the vineyard” could be in verse ten?

8. Who do you think is represented by “my beloved son” in verse thirteen? (Hint: See Luke 3:22)

9. How do you think the husbandmen were destroyed as indicated in verse sixteen?

10. What do you think the phrase, “and shall give the vineyard to others” in verse sixteen means?

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