Learning Activity 61 Self-check

2. The people.

3. The chief priests, the scribes and the Pharisees.

4. The vineyard represents the kingdom of God.

5. The “certain man” is God.

6. The servants represent the numerous prophets that were sent to the nation of Israel throughout the ages in an attempt to get the attention of the nation of Israel. These prophets were mocked, despised and put to death throughout the history of Israel.

7. Those who were being added to the kingdom.

8. Jesus Christ.

9. The destruction of the wicked husbandmen was accomplished in the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70! (See Learning Activities #32 and #33).

10. This is an indication that the kingdom would be opened up to the Gentiles which is what happened with the coming in of the New Covenant (See Learning Activity #28).

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