Learning Activity 65 Self-check

2. Paul is referring to how the people were in slavery tot he system of observations and regulations of the Old Covenant.

4. The main point that Paul is making is that the people are now living in the New Covenant and he cannot understand why they would want to return to the bondage of the Old Covenant!

6. Paul is referring to the Old Covenant Jewish observance of special rituals and religious days.

8. Paul is admonishing them to live in the liberty of the New Covenant and not to return the bondage of the Old Covenant.

10. Paul is warning the people to abandon the Old Covenant practice of physical circumcision and not to bring that practice into the New Covenant age. He states that to be circumcised is to ignore what Christ did for them on the cross thereby making the cross of no effect to them.

12. Paul is warning not to let anyone influence the people to return to Old Covenant practices such as what they ate or drank, the observance of holy days and other Old Covenant rituals.

14. Paul says that when we are in Christ we are dead to the teachings of the Old Covenant and should no longer live in that manner any more.

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