Learning Activity 69A


The Importance of Understanding the Historical Events of AD 70 – Part Two


This Learning Activity is a continuation of the previous Learning Activity #69.

21. Every generation thinks they see signs that it is the last generation. Christianity has been turned into a last day religion, a religion of good and bad news. The good news is that Christ came to bring salvation to the world, the bad news is that He will shortly return to destroy the world!

22. A fulfilled hope is not a destroyed hope!

23. Some say that if Bible eschatology is fulfilled, what is left for us to now live? I am convinced that God did not intend for the New Covenant church to walk around with a view that the balance of history is anticlimactic. God’s intent is for us to continue in an ever deepening understanding of Him while walking in His presence and witnessing His sovereignty in ALL THINGS!

24. “For it was by God’s own hand that the ancient system of worship was abolished and obliterated; and the obliteration thereof was for reasons so closely connected with the redeeming work of the Lord Jesus Christ, that to reestablish it again [as so many in the church today believe] would be to do dishonor to the work and its results.” Philip Mauro, The Hope of Israel: What Is It? pp.114–116.

25. Believers will never comprehend the truths of the New Covenant unless they understand the significance of the AD 70 happenings.

26. “…we live within the gates of the New Jerusalem, that spiritual kingdom, that spiritual city that is so much greater than the earthly kingdoms of old and of the earthly city [Jerusalem] long since destroyed. We live in God’s very presence and glorify Christ the victorious king forever and ever. If that is nothingness, if that is abolitionism then I feel sorry for those who don’t see the glory of being in the presence of the Lord” www.newjerusalemministriesboards.com/gathering1.htm

27. Paul and all of the other apostles preached a gospel that placed the second coming [parousia, presence], the resurrection and the judgment in the first century. Those who preach a different gospel that places these events thousands of years later make the apostles false prophets!

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