Learning Activity 11

The Soul

The soul is a complex part of us. Oftentimes Bible translators use the word “heart” instead of the word “soul” when they translate the Bible from its original language into English.

Using your Bible, look up the following verses and write them in the space provided. As you proceed answer the questions as they appear in the Learning Activity.

1. Isaiah 1:14

2. How is the soul of the Lord being affected in the verse above?

3. Isaiah 38:15

4. How is the soul being affected in the verse above?

5. Mark 14:34

6. What did Jesus say about His soul in the verse above?

From the verses above, we see that “hate,” being “troubled,” being “weary,” “bitterness” and “sorrow” are used as attributes of the soul. Attributes such as these are considered to be emotions, so one of the aspects of the soul is that it contains or possesses emotions.

7. Micah 6:7

8. What is it that the verse above says the soul is capable of doing?

Because the soul can sin we conclude that the soul is capable of processing information and making decisions about things like how we will act, what we will do and what we will not do. This kind of description leads us to believe that the soul also contains the mind and our will.

We conclude from these Bible passages that the soul is made up of the mind, will and emotions.


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