Learning Activity 15A Self-check

Christian Ignorance

2. Jesus, speaking to the Sadducees (see verse 23), said that the reason they were thinking in error was due to an ignorance of the Scriptures.

4. Jesus said that the reason for His crucifixion was the ignorance of the people involved.

6. Peter states that it was ignorance on the part of the people and the rulers that resulted in Jesus’ crucifixion.

8. Paul states that Israel (see verse one) had a zeal of God but it was founded in ignorance (lack of knowledge).

10. Paul states that it was ignorance of the righteousness of God that caused Israel to go about to establish their own self-righteousness.

12. Paul states that it was ignorance of the princes (religious leaders) that caused the crucifixion of Christ.

14. Paul states that the reason for the Gentiles (see verse 17) being alienated from the life of God was ignorance.

16. Paul states that his earlier actions of being a blasphemer and a persecutor of the church was because of his earlier ignorance.

18. Psalm 119:105 advocates that if we want clear direction and understanding for our lives we need to consult the written word of God, the Bible.

20. The ones who “searched the scriptures” were the Bereans (see verse 10). They are said to be “more noble” or better disposed because they would search the Scriptures when they heard Paul and Silas (verse 10) speak to see “whether those things [they spoke] were so.”
22. We are to study the word of God.

24. The word of God [the Bible] is given to us by God so that we can develop doctrine [teaching], to reprove and correct others, and to instruct ourselves in righteousness.

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