Learning Activity 17 Self-check

Learning Activity 17 Self-Check

2. God the Father who sent Jesus to earth has to draw people to Christ.

4. The Romans verse states that both the grace that we have originates with God and is given to every man. In addition, every man is dealt (given) a measure of faith. God is our source and we cannot believe without His miracle of grace and faith in us.

6. The grace and faith we need for salvation is a free gift from God!

8. If you read the text very carefully you will discover that it is NOT our faith IN the Son of God, but most importantly it is the faith OF the Son of God!

10. It’s pretty clear. You (we) can do NOTHING!

12. All the inhabitants of heaven and earth are under the will of God!

20. Absolutely!

25. Yes.

32. Yes.

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