Learning Activity 2



Using your Bible, look up the following verses and write them in the space provided.

Before we can understand the essence of what God is we need to become familiar with the two worlds that surround us. These two worlds are the physical world and the spiritual world. The first world is easy for us to understand and relate to because God has given us five senses (taste, touch, smell, hearing, and seeing) which work well to connect us with the physical, material world of physical objects around us. The bodies we presently live in relate well with the physical world because they are mostly made up of physical matter. The spiritual world is more difficult to understand, but not impossible, because it does not consist of anything made of material matter.

  1. Do you believe there is such a thing as a world we can see with our physical eyesight and also a world that we cannot see with physical eyesight? ______________________
  2. If your answer was YES, make a list of some things that come to your mind that you think exist but you cannot see them.


Consider the list I came up with and see if you can agree with some of mine.

So, I think we can agree that we know and believe there are things that exist but we cannot see them. Some require magnification, and others just cannot be seen at all but they are there!

Now lets try to adapt the above to the question of two worlds around us. I have tried to illustrate the two worlds I am describing by using Figure 137 below.

There are many details on this chart we could discuss and we will as you continue to work your way through the Learning Activities on this web site. For now I would like you to consider a bit about God and how He relates to these two worlds.

3. Genesis 1:1

From the verse above, the very first verse that appears in the Bible, we learn that it was God who created what I am attempting to describe to you in Figure 137.

4. John 4:24


5. What does the John 4:24 tell us about God?

We can also learn from the Scripture that with the exception of the period of approximately 33 1/2 years when God was present physically as Jesus of Nazareth, He exists in a Spirit form that is much different than our physical bodies that we have right now.

Jesus did tell us a bit about what Spirit is in the following passage.

6. John 3:8

7. How does Jesus describe the Spirit in the verse above?

Additional information about spirit beings can be found in the following passage.

8. Psalms 139:7-9

The next two graphics are an attempt to summarize what we have discovered about God and the Spirit world.

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