Learning Activity 22

ALL Sin Was Taken Care Of At the Cross

This Learning Activity is difficult, but it is imperative that you understand about the forgiveness of ALL sin! When Jesus died on the Cross over 2,000 years ago He paid the entire penalty for our sin even though we were not even physically (biologically) born yet. All of our sin, past, present, and future. All really means all in this case. It’s absolute!

1. Hebrews 10:14

2. How does the text in #1 above affect us today?

3. Titus 1:2

4. What is said in the verse above that is significant to us today?

5. Hebrews 9:26

6. What does the verse above say that Christ dying on the Cross accomplished for us today?

At this point I must digress to make a most important point. The translations from the Koine Greek (original language of the New Testament) to English in some Bibles is corrupted! The corruption takes place in the Hebrews 9:26 verse above in item 5. The corruption specifically takes place in the phrase “but now once in the end of the world.” The word “world” is incorrect because it is from the Greek root word “aion” meaning age or ages. The graphic that follows illustrates the Greek to English Interlinear Bible of the Hebrews 9:26 verse.

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The ironic thing about the above translation is that in the top line the word “world” is properly translated from the root Greek word “kosmos,” but in the second line the translators went out of their way to support their false theology that someday the world is going to cease being what it is today, but even the context in the verse denies their translation work by saying “but now once in the end!” The next graphic is the definition of the root word “aion.”

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The 1611 King James Version of the Bible initiated this error and it was followed by a number of other Bible translations. The unfortunate thing about this is that no one knows how many 1611 copies of the King James were printed but the Internet estimates it could be between four and six billion copies! Then in 1982 the Old King James Version was revised and the error was removed but the damage is done and the Old King James continues to be one of the most popular translations of the Bible in use today! This error appears in other places in the 1611 translation.

Learning Activity 23 will explain the application of aion to the Jewish belief system.

7. Hebrews 7:26, 27

8. What is the significance of the above passage to we who are new creation believers today?


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