Learning Activity 22

ALL Sin Was Taken Care Of At the Cross

This Learning Activity is difficult, but imperative, that you understand about the forgiveness of ALL sin! When Jesus died on the Cross over 2,000 years ago He paid the entire penalty for our sin even though we were not even physically (biologically) born yet. All of our sin, past, present, and future. All really means all in this case. It’s absolute!

1. Hebrews 10:14

2. How does the text in #1 above affect us today?

3. Titus 1:2

4. What is said in the verse above that is significant to us today?

5. Hebrews 9:26

6. What does the verse above say that Christ dying on the Cross accomplished for us today?

7. Hebrews 7:26, 27

8. What is the significance of the above passage to we who are new creation believers today?


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