Learning Activity 28 Self-check

Note: The answers/comments that follow are not meant to be the only answer that is correct. The answers/comments recorded below are meant to be used to determine if you think you have grasped what it is the Bible is saying about a particular subject as determined by your personal evaluation of your responses as compared to those which have been suggested below.

2. It is a better covenant with better promises and part of a more excellent ministry.

4. The first covenant had faults in it.

6. The New Covenant.

8. The Old Covenant.

9. Israel did not keep the covenant agreement with God.

11. That there was another future covenant that would be made.

12. That under the covenant to come, the written code of conduct (the Old Covenant) would be done away with and God would work on the inside of man rather than on the outside.

14. There would be forgiveness of sin in the covenant to come.

16. There will be a New Covenant, and the first (the Old Covenant) is decaying and is ready to disappear or be done away with.

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