Learning Activity 43 Self-check



7. By sacrificing animals and offering their blood to make atonement for the sins of the people.

9. Sin was “covered” by the blood of animal sacrifices.

11. Sin was taken care of by being “covered.”

14. Under the Old Covenant, when the blood covering was made there was forgiveness of sin, BUT the sin was not taken away!

16. The Old Covenant “covering” could NOT take away sin!

18. These three passages are stating that the Old Covenant could not take away sin and makes a contrast with the fact that in the New Covenant Christ took away sin and that the sin would not be remembered any longer.

20. Adam is the man of offense and Christ is the man of righteousness.

21. All men.

23. Everyones. The whole world’s.

25. Everyone.

27. Everyones.

32. Nine hundred thirty years.

36. That God would not remember sin any longer.

45. Not believing in Christ!

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