Learning Activity 43A

The “Unpardonable Sin”

As we worked through Learning Activity #43 we discovered that there is one sin that Scripture states can never be forgiven.

1. Matthew 12:31


2. Mark 3: 28, 29



As Christians, and certainly as non-believers, we should be curious as to what this unpardonable sin that can be committed against the Holy Spirit consists of.

3. John 16: 8, 9



4. Who is being referred to by the word “he” in the passage above?


5. Who is being referred to by the word “me” in verse 9 of John 16?


6. So then, what was one of the ministries of the Holy Spirit when He was sent into the world by the Father?


God has always revealed Himself in some manner to every individual who has ever walked the face of the Earth.

7. Romans 1: 19, 20



When that revealed truth is rejected and continues persistently for the physical life of that individual he/she has committed the unpardonable sin. As I understand the Scriptures this is the ONLY SIN a person can commit that has no forgiveness and is never taken away without believing the revelation from God! Once a person physically dies the option of believing is permanently taken away from that individual.

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