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Physical Resurrection

Resurrection is a topic in which there is much interest in Christian circles (and rightfully so). The word “resurrection” appears no less than forty-one times in the KJV of the Bible. Let us begin our study of physical resurrection with a dictionary definition of the event.

RESURRECTION: A rising from the dead or returning to life. The state of those who have returned to life. The rising again of Christ on the third day after the crucifixion.
The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language
In the biblical sense denotes the divine miracle of restoring a deceased person to life…
The Zondervan Pictorial Encyclopedia of the Bible
Next, let us search the Scriptures for instances where physical resurrections are recorded.

1. Read 1 Kings 17:17-23.

2. Describe the physical resurrection that took place in the passage above.


3. Read 2 Kings 4:32-36.

4. Describe the physical resurrection that took place in the passage above.


5. 2 Kings 13:21


6. In your words, describe the physical resurrection that took place in the verse above.


7. Read Matthew 9:18, 19, 23-26.

8. What happened in the verses above?


9. Read Matthew 27: 50-53.

10. Describe what happened in the passage above.


11. Read Luke 7:11-15.

12. Describe the event that is depicted in the passage above.


13. Read John 11:1-44.

14. What physical resurrection took place in the narrative above?


There is one other physical resurrection recorded in the Bible and that is of Jesus Christ. This particular Resurrection will be detailed in the next Learning Activity.

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