Learning Activity 51E Self-check

Paul’s Resurrection


2. Paul was arrested for his hope in the resurrection of the dead.

4. Paul believed there would be a resurrection and that resurrection would be taking place shortly!

6. Paul states his belief system is based in the writings of the law and the prophets.

8. Daniel is describing the resurrection of the just and the unjust precisely as Paul has stated in Acts 24: 15.

10. Daniel describes when this resurrection would take place! We know this by the phrase “all these things shall be fulfilled.”

11. Daniel states that the resurrection would take place when the holy people (Israel) would be scattered and lose their power. The Amplified Bible states the time to be when Israel would be shattered and their power crushed!

13. The great tribulation.

15. The “time of the end,” that is, the time of the end of the Old Covenant.

17. Paul is saying that he and the first century believers were waiting for the adoption/redemption of believing Israel, an event Paul expected to happen very soon.

19. Paul is saying that if they had Christ in them their bodies were still dead because of sin, but the spirit is alive because of righteousness.

20. This could only be because Paul is NOT talking about physical bodies!

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