Learning Activity 58A Self-check

Church in the Bible


2. The Lord told Moses to have the Israelites (see verse two) to make a sanctuary for Him so that He could dwell in their midst.

4. Solomon built a house (temple) for God.

6. The Old Covenant priesthood.

8. The Ten Commandments on tables of stone.

10. Circumcise themselves as a sign of the Old Covenant between them and God.

12. A spiritual house.

13. Yes.

14. Spiritual sacrifices.

15. Of course not! That is Old Covenant and we live in the New Covenant. The Old Covenant has passed away in history.

17. In our hearts and “written” on our minds.

19. The heart.

20. Spiritual.

22. Spiritual – made without hands!

24. Those who were transitioning into the New Covenant had a propensity to go back to the practices and beliefs of the Old Covenant and Paul was calling them foolish to be doing that.

26. The verb tense tells me that the believers were in the process of being built into the spiritual dwelling place for God, a work that would be completed at the Parousia in AD 70.

28. (“…eagerly waiting for the revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ” His Parousia).

30. They had a short wait until His Parousia circa AD 70.

32. Christ appeared, Parousia, presence, circa AD 70.

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