Learning Activity 65A Self-check

The Lord’s Prayer


2. Go into your room, shut the door, and pray to your Father in secret.

3. It does not line up at all.

4. Because they have not studied the words of the prayer carefully nor are they even vaguely familiar with the context of who Jesus gave this instruction to nor how it was supposed to be accomplished. It is just another example of man-made ideas and methods that distort Christianity to the general population of the world.

6. Prayer was not to be a public activity.

7. Hypocrites.

9. Yes He is; however, the scriptures tell us He is everywhere. In fact, in the New Covenant in which we live today, it is emphasized that He lives in the believer!

10. Old Covenant.

12. The kingdom has already come. See Learning Activity #68 on this web site.

13. Old Covenant.

14. Yes. God’s will under the New Covenant is in the spiritual unseen realm and will not always be discernable in the physical realm.

16. The statement appears to be requesting forgiveness for sin.

17. No. All sin was taken care of at the cross – past, present, and future sin – all of it!

19. No. See Learning Activity #38 on this web site.

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