Learning Activity 68 Self-check

Kingdom of god Now Present

2. John said the kingdom was “at hand.”

4. The kingdom is at hand.

6. That the kingdom was at hand.

8. Jesus is saying that if He casts out devils by the Spirit of God, then the kingdom has come upon the people and He just did cast out devils in verses 22 through 24 in that same chapter.

10. Jesus said the kingdom was at hand.

12. Jesus told the seventy (see verse one) to tell the people that the kingdom is come nigh unto you [the people that they would be speaking to at that time].

14. Jesus told the seventy that the kingdom is come nigh unto you [the seventy].

16. The kingdom was “upon” the people.

18. The woman not only believed that Jesus was the Messiah, but that she expected Jesus to set up His kingdom at that time (of course she, like most Jews, was thinking that the kingdom would be a physical kingdom a mistake that was made over 2000 years ago and is still promoted by many even today!).

20. The kingdom has nothing to do with the physical world!

22. The kingdom does not consist of physical things, but is centered in the non-material aspects of God’s character (righteousness, peace and joy).

24. The kingdom of God has its own inherent power.

26. The kingdom is not something that you can observe with the eyes – and it does not make an outward show of itself.

28. God’s kingdom is within (indwells) the Christian!

30. Jesus refused to allow the people to make Him a king over an earthly kingdom. I believe this is so because establishing a physical earthly kingdom was not a part of Jesus’ agenda!

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