Learning Activity 72A Self-check


2. Jesus was speaking to His disciples, see verse 24.

3. No! Jesus clearly states that the event was to take place before the disciples had physically died! So there is no possible way the statement could apply to Christians today.

4. There is no logical, rational basis for a person to take the position that Jesus has not yet come back other than previous erroneous teaching.

5. The only way in which I can envision a person taking such a position would be ignorance of what the Scriptures say or a flat out refusal to change their belief and admit they were originally wrong!

7. The belief that Jesus has not yet come on the clouds of heaven makes no sense at all.

8. The “old” represents the Old Covenant and the “new” represents the New Covenant. The lesson being taught here by Christ is that you cannot mix the two covenants without destroying the New Covenant. Unfortunately, there are still those today in the church that bring along Old Covenant rites, rituals, ceremonies, and practices into the New Covenant. Their love for the physical, tangible “things” far exceeds their love for the reality of the unseen!

10. The kingdom of God with Christ seated on the throne of David took place during the generation of His disciples.

12. Jesus was speaking to His disciples (see verse 22).

13. Jesus told His disciples He would be coming back while at least some of them were still alive physically as He used “you” must be ready.

15. Jesus was implying that the multitudes (see verse 54) had no idea of who He was and the time in which they were living.

16. Yes. A large percentage of people go to and fro and have no understanding of who they are or why they are here on earth.

18. Israel was to be a light to the Gentiles in God’s plan, but they were remiss in not living up to that expectation. Therefore, God was going to bring judgment on them.

21. Since the law was only until John the Baptist, the law had already passed by. That meant “heaven and earth” (the Old Covenant, and everything the Jewish religion stood for) had also passed away.

22. No.

23. It too had passed away and been replaced by the new heavens and earth of the New Covenant.

24. Heaven and earth is a biblical expression used to denote the inner and outer workings of that particular covenant. That meansthe rites, rituals, ceremonies, practices and the law of the Old Covenant had passed away!

26. Because the kingdom is spiritual in nature and NOT physical.

28. Jesus told His disciples that He would return (Parousia, presence) a short time in the future. He said it would happen speedily not to be delayed for 2,000 + years as some in the church today believe.

30. Because of the great devastation that would be brought against the city, the temple, and the inhabitants of the city in just a short time into the future by the Roman Army.

31. Jesus was referring to the destruction of Jerusalem, the temple, and the city inhabitants being a result of their not recognizing the visitation of their Messiah.

32. Jesus meant to communicate that the audience He was speaking to had not recognized His arrival as their Messiah.

34. The “you” in this passage refers to all of the people present and His disciples (see Luke 20:45).

36. There is adequate evidence that this, and other biblical passages, are not referring to the physical heaven and earth. Josephus, the Jewish historian, writes when he refers to the Jewish place of worship in the Old Covenant, “…this proportion of the measures of the tabernacle proved to be an imitation of the system of the world: for that third part thereof which was within the four pillars, to which the priests were not admitted, is, as it were, a Heaven peculiar to God; but the space of the twenty cubits, is, as it were, sea and land, on which men live…” Antiquities of the Jews, Book 3, Chapter 6, Line 123.
Crispin H.T. Fletcher-Louis writes, “the principle reference of ‘heaven and earth’ is the temple-centered cosmology of second-temple Judaism which included the belief that the temple is heaven and earth in microcosm. Mark 13 and Matthew 5:18 refer, then, to the destruction of the temple as a passing away of an old cosmology and also, in the latter case, to the establishment during Jesus’ ministry and His death and resurrection of a new temple cosmology – a new heaven and earth.” (Eschatology in Bible & Theology, Intervarsity Press, 1997, P. 145).

38. At the Parousia of Christ which took place circa AD 70.

40. Jesus came (Parousia, presence) circa AD 70.

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