Learning Activity 73 Self-check

Mind Renewal

2. The mind must be renewed.

4. Christians have the mind of Christ available to them because the Godhead lives in the believer by Spirit (See Learning Activity #8).

6. The word “Let” tells us that the renewal of our mind is an individual, personal event over a period of time. NOTE: The Greek word used here for “let” is “phroneo” meaning to exercise the mind, to be mentally disposed in a certain direction, to interest oneself in obedience.

8. Not to walk in the vanity of their minds.

10. To walk in the vanity of your mind is to have your understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God through ignorance.

11. As a general answer to this question I would say that our mind is renewed by living out our time here on earth. The specifics of this general statement are far reaching and too numerous to provide an exhaustive list, but I am confident that what follows is a partial list of how our minds are renewed:

– Through the experiences of the every day circumstances and situations of life.

– Through our relationships with others.

– Through our study of the Scriptures.

– Through our thoughtful consideration of Christian influences such as the materials that appear on this web site.

The list above is but the “tip of the iceberg” of mind renewal.

18. The word that is repeated in each of the five verses is “knowing.”
32. The phrase that is repeated in each of the verses is “know ye not” which can mean: Don’t you know?

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