Learning Activity 76 Self-check

2. The physical.

3. The spiritual.

4. The spiritual.

5. They are temporary.

6. Eternally.

14. Under the Old Covenant we come to relate to and understand Jesus Christ in His physical body from Mary. We relate to Him in many ways as “Jesus of Nazareth.” But under the New Covenant, which we live in today, the passage above tells us we are to “regard him thus no longer.” This comes as a surprise to many Christians!

15. No longer as Jesus of Nazareth. Now we relate to Him as Christ in the spiritual realm living inside of us.

17. It tells me that my journey on earth is not guided by what I see with physical eye sight, but by faith in the unseen.

19. I am reminded that my mind needs to shift its focus from what I can see tangibly to what I cannot see, the spirit world.

21. Spiritual.

23. Law not faith.

25. Faith not works.

27. As being one of splendor.

28. As being of exceeding splendor.

30. As being temporary.

32. As being permanent, for ever, eternal – He is Christ our High Priest!

34. Sin is remembered.

36. Sin is forgotten.

37. Absolutely NOT!

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