Learning Activity 8A Self-check

2. When we believe we become acceptable to God in the beloved. The “beloved” is a reference to Jesus Christ. The only reason we are acceptable to God is because we are in Christ, the beloved.

4. The believing person is declared to be “holy” by God and “without” any “blame.”
7. These verses state that the believer has redemption because of Christ dying on the cross in our place, we also have forgiveness and this is all by God’s grace.

11. That we died [were crucified] with Christ at Calvary and now it is no longer we that live but Christ who lives in us!

14. We were buried with Christ.

17. Both verses say that we have been resurrected [risen] with Christ. The topic of resurrection is one of the most misunderstood facts of the Christian belief. We will be devoting much narrative later on in this web site to attempt to clear up this terrible misunderstanding.

19. Believers are “complete” because they are in Christ.

21. The second half of Ephesians 2:6 states that we are seated “together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus.” This statement makes little or no sense at all to many people. The apostle Paul actually said in the Scriptures that facts such as these appear to some as “foolishness.” This web site does all that is possible to make such statements a reality in your thinking because they in fact are truthful statements and a healthy Christian person (spiritually healthy) must consider them as truthful.

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