Learning Activity 8B Self-check


2. Jesus came to earth, as Jesus of Nazareth, to minister and to give His life as a ransom for others.

4. A commandment.

5. Death.

7. Paul states that the result or consequences of sin is death.

9. Romans 3:23 clearly states that everyone is guilty of sin.

11. Jesus has redeemed us from the curse of the law by His substitutionary death (He died in our place or instead of us) for our sin.

14. The blood of Christ through His death on the cross is the means by which we are removed out from under the curse of the law.

16. Galatians 4:4, 5, indicates that Jesus [the Son, made of a woman (Mary)] redeemed us from the law.

18. Titus 2:14 states that Jesus Christ, see verse 13, gave Himself for us (on the cross of Calvary) so that we are redeemed from all iniquity and have been purified as a peculiar (unique) people who are zealous to do good works.

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