Learning Activity 8E Self-check

The Presence of God

2. God said He would dwell in the sanctuary that the children of Israel would make [build].

4. God said He would meet with the children of Israel and dwell among them in the tabernacle.

6. God said to gather the people in the tabernacle and that He, God, would come down and speak with Moses there in the tabernacle.

8. God appeared in a pillar of the cloud in the doorway of the tabernacle.

10. God appeared in the tabernacle.

12. The tabernacle is described as “the house of God.”

13. During the Old Covenant God’s presence was manifested in the tabernacle. This tabernacle was constructed by Moses and the children of Israel. It is commonly referred to in the Scriptures as the tabernacle made with hands. It was a physical place.

15. Jesus said that He, Himself, would build His church.

17. Sychar – see verse five, and Jerusalem – see verse twenty-one.

18. Jesus said in verse twenty-one that “the hour cometh” indicating that the change was close at hand.

19. Jesus describes the change in worship to shift from a place (Sychar and Jerusalem) to a non-material understanding of “spirit and truth.”

20. Jesus uses the same expression He used in verse twenty-one (the hour cometh), but He goes on to say that the “is coming” “now is.”

22. Stephen stated that God did not dwell in temples made with hands.

24. Colossians 1:18 states that it is Christ who is the head of the church.

26. The Lord pitches [erects] the true tabernacle.

27. The “true tabernacle” is NOT erected by man.

29. Christ.

30. The New Covenant.

31. Those who believe in Jesus Christ under the New Covenant who are the body of Christ of which Christ alone is the head. God no longer dwells in buildings.  But God now dwells in people!

33. The holy places of the Old Covenant were types of the fulfillment found in the New Covenant which are the individual believers. See Learning Activity #66 for more information on biblical types and anti-types.

34. It is an incorrect statement as scripture only supports this understanding under the Old Covenant.

35. True.

36. True.

37. The believer mentioned is asking God to do something He has already done. God IS already present if there is but one believer present!

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