Learning Activity 86 – The Events That Took Place in the Spiritual Realm Circa AD 70

After your diligent study of the materials on this web site you have discovered that the Christian must be keenly aware that they live in two realms during life on earth – the physical realm and the spiritual realm and the two are uniquely different from each other. You have also learned that if you live your physical Christian life here on earth in ignorance to what has happened in the spiritual realm you will have difficulty in understanding and rightly dividing the Scriptures. Additionally, without a knowledge of the spiritual realm you will not be able to comprehend the freedom that we have in Christ because of His completed spiritual work for His kingdom and those who are in that kingdom.

In order to assist believers in grasping the importance of what has already taken place in the spiritual realm I have developed the following charts as a summary of these events. By your serious study and consideration of these events it is my belief that your mind will be renewed to these biblical facts. In this respect it should be helpful if you check out each Scripture citation on the list and also any web site topics that cover any item that you do not understand.

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