Learning Activity 34 Self-check

Note: The answers/comments that follow are not meant to be the only answer that is correct. The answers/comments recorded below are meant to be used to determine if you think you have grasped what it is the Bible is saying about a particular subject as determined by your personal evaluation of your responses as compared to those which have been suggested below.

2. Wrath.

4. That before they could take their message to the cities of Israel His coming (Parousia) would take place.

6. Before His disciples (see verse twenty-four) had died.

8. Jesus was telling His disciples that He was going to be leaving them (dying and ascending to heaven) and then He would come back again (His Parousia in AD 70). He is also saying that this would take place in “a little while.”

10. Within the time limit of their generation.

12. The disciples were exhorted to watch and pray and to live in continual expectation of the Parousia because it would happen suddenly and speedily.

14. That it is going to take place quickly.

16. Jesus gave Peter reason to expect that John would live to witness His Parousia.

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