Learning Activity 66 Self-check

Types, Shadows & Symbols


2. Adam is the type and Jesus is the antitype (“him that was to come”).
5. The type is the lifting up of the brazen serpent to physically heal the people while the antitype is Jesus being lifted up on His cross to heal people of their sin.

7. The type is the Old Testament sacrificial lamb and the antitype is Jesus dying on the cross as the Lamb of God.

9. The rock (in the wilderness – see Exodus 17:6) which brought water to drink physically is the type and the antitype is Christ who is the Living Water.

12. The type are the skins given to Adam and Eve by God to cover their sin. The antitype is the clean white linen of Christ’s righteousness that is given to every believer indicating that we are acceptable in God’s presence and cleansed from our sin.

15. The manna is the type and the antitype is Christ.

17. Abraham’s two sons, Isaac and Ishmael, represent the two covenants in the Scriptures. Isaac was born of Sarah the freewoman, and was the child of God’s promise (by grace) and represents the New Covenant. Ishmael was born of Hagar (the bondwoman) and was the child of the flesh (man’s doing) and represents the Old Covenant.

19. John the Baptist (see verse 12) is the type and Elias or Elijah is the antitype.

24. For our learning Christ.

26. To learn Christ!

28. To learn Christ!

30. To learn Christ!

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