Learning Activity 7

How Do I Become A Christian?

In view of what we discovered about God’s plan in Learning Activity #6, how do we as individuals become a Christian?

Using your Bible, look up the following verses and write them in the space provided. As you proceed answer the questions as they appear in this document.

Jesus called being a Christian being born again while talking to a Pharisee named Nicodemus (see John 3:5–8). How we are born again is explained for us in the Scriptures.

1. Acts 16:30–31 __________________________________________________________

2. What did Paul and Silas tell the jail keeper that he had to do to be saved (born again)? _________________________________________________________________________

3. John 3:16 ______________________________________________________________

4. What does Jesus say is necessary in John 3:16 in order to have everlasting [eternal] life [being born again]?__________________________________________________________________________

5. What do #1 and #3 above say it takes for God to come and live in us [be born again]. _________________________________________________________________________

The personal testimony of Christians tells us that some people can pinpoint the time of their becoming a Christian to a specific time and place while others can only tell generally the time in their life when they became Christian. There is no doubt that there is an instant in which this event takes place (as we shall see in a later Learning Activity), however, since an emotional experience can, but is not required to be attached to this event, the person may not know the precise time the event took place. How you experienced your conversion does not determine what kind of Christian you are. The event takes place in the fourth dimension spirit realm and does not necessitate a third dimensional emotional experience.

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