Learning Activity 17 Self-check

Agape Love


Note: The answers/comments that follow are not meant to be the only answer that is correct. The answers/comments recorded below are meant to be used to determine if you think you have grasped what the Bible is saying about a particular subject as determined by your personal evaluation of your responses as compared to those which have been suggested below.

2. Whosoever is a conditional word which means that some people will believe and some people will chose not to believe. Only those who believe have eternal life (see John 3:36).

4. The free will action that is required to have eternal life is believing.

6. The person who chooses to believe in God will never die (spiritually) as they have eternal spiritual life. They will die physically at some point in time.

8. The words “to every one that believeth” means to me that believing is an individual choice on the part of each person.

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