Texted Topics

 In August of 2020 I was invited to join a Bible study that utilized the Zoom platform for our Bible discussions. That group has met weekly for one and one-half hours each week on various topicS from the Scriptures. In that study I used a number of Power Point slides to present what I saw as insights into the topics we have covered and I am in the process of placing those topics here for you to study if you wish to do so. The explanations of the study materials are not in an audio format and the narration must be read from the “notes box” that is provided for presenters to use for their personal notes during their presentation. I will give basic instruction on how to handle the notes box at the beginning of each topic and it is my understanding that you will need to have Microsoft Power Point on your device in order to work through these materials.

One item of extreme importance is that while viewing these materials do not go to the icon that places the slide series into the presentation mode as all of the narrative notes will be blocked from your view. When the slide series opens up leave the mode just as it opens with the various slides shown in miniature to the left of your screen. Do not click on the presentation icon. That would eliminate the miniature slides on the left of the screen and also enlarge the size of the slide but it will hide the written notes below the slide from your view.

I plan to eventually have all of my slide topics on the list below, but for this point in time I am working on adding the narrative notes to each slide and that takes considerable effort to accomplish. Check in periodically to see how I am coming along on this project. Here is the list as it stands today.

  1. Introduction
  2. The Seen and the Unseen Worlds
  3. Who Is God
  4. Where Is God
  5. The Bible Covenants