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“I have been reading messages upon messages from your website.

It is good to know what I read there. It makes me know that I am loved by God and it has encouraged me to continue to be rest assured that Jesus is always near on my journey of life.

Countless of my friends I have recommended the site for, have felt the same way they want to make Jesus the center of their lives. Benin City, Nigeria

“You are a great encouragement to me!” Nairobi, Kenya

I think we have been talking to each other by email for about 12 years and you have taught me so much about the Bible. There are so many opinions. Some true and some false. Thanks Ed. Agoura Hills, California

“I was blind but now I see.” Christoval, Texas

Thank you for your encouragement. How wonderful that we can cheer up one another on the Way and continue praising the Lord for His abundant blessing. I rejoice that many enjoy what you wrote and sent me sometime back, and many commented you do an excellent job in putting it together. Thank you!  Edo State, Nigeria

I am reading your website at present. It is wonderful. Thank you for all of that information. Puerto Rico

My fifteen year life in Christ has taken me to home church gatherings as well as traditional church denominations. I have found, however, that where I live there are very few who have heard of fulfilled eschatology or embrace it as truth. I doubt I’ll stop taking the family to church in lieu of the computer, but you may indeed have a valuable contribution to make in my Christian life. I welcome any further communication you feel appropriate.
Bedford, Indiana

Found your link via a google search. We’ve been blessed by our visit! Was curious to see what others have to say (smile). Have bookmarked your site for reviewing.
Akron, Ohio

I have studied this (eschatology) for several years now, and am always checking the net for more studies in this area. I personally know only only two Christian brothers (one I have lost track of, and the other about a thousand miles from where I live) who share my understanding of the Lord’s “second coming.” And I do agree that it has already happened. Trying to understand and explain the resurrection in 1 Thess. 4 and then 1 Cor. 15 is where I have most difficulty. I understand it is the same one that Daniel speaks of in chapter 12, but it is hard to explain to others how the resurrection has already occurred. (I’m a nut and a false teacher if I teach it.) I have copied and pasted many of your learning activities into WORD documents.
Lubbock, Texas

Just recently came across your website and have enjoyed the lessons very much. I am excited about learning more about this idea of past fulfillment.
Douglasville, Georgia

I am at this time studying in the area of Eschatology and your materials help me and I say, settles all!!! Subject matter in your materials are well presented and so brief and concise. Yes, I accept and believe what you are teaching in all those materials.

I am 53 years old already. A denominational Baptist preacher. But disassociated myself from anybody or church for the sake of further self-study in the area of God, Salvation and eschatology since 1998. Really I need help from sound preachers like you in establishing my ministry this time.
Tagum City, Philippines

I recently worked through a couple of the study sheets on your web site and found them very interesting and informative. I’ve been walking with the LORD for over 20 years and had questions that were never fully answered. Your studies seem to target some of those areas.
Allen Park, Michigan

Greetings brother Edward in Jesus name. I used your notes for Bible school. Your material is really beneficial to us in South Africa.
Durban, South Africa

I have been reading your lessons on your website and wonder if you have them available in printed form for use in a Bible study. I am particularly interested in the lessons on the 2nd coming as I would like to teach a study on this view this fall. I have been studying myself since 9/11 and WOW. How good it feels to finally come to the truth! Thanks and God Bless your work!
Angora, Indiana

I came across your website tonight while looking for information on the date of the book of Revelation. I do not agree with you on a couple of articles, but I do agree with you on others. I am interested in reading more of what you have to say, especially dealing with Matthew 24 and the Book of Revelation.
Shreveport, Louisiana

Keep ’em comin’ Ed. You’re doin’ a great job. These papers are just the kind of writings that can get through to the initiated.
Bedford, Indiana

I am engaged in Bible Studies with people everyday concerning the doctrine of Final things. People are really being enlightened. I think your material is well put together and will assist me and others in our ministry as we strive to teach people concerning the Kingdom of God.
Memphis, Tennessee

I am currently attending the United Methodist Church. I find the church a bit liberal for me being brought up in a Baptist church. All my life every day the end of the world was near. As every new technology arose it pointed to anti-Christ. When I received the great news of fulfilled eschatology I can now enjoy life and have hope for my children’s future. I am now spreading the fulfilled eschatological view to all. Everyone thinks I am crazy. How can this be? I say just read the Bible.
Farmingdale, New York

This morning a friend of mine who lives in Kentucky sent me your website. I just wanted to tell you that I found your site very informative and easy to navigate. I wanted to encourage you in your desire to spread the truth about God’s love to others.

My wife and I grew up with what I will call generations of institutional churchianity as our bondage. We were directed to a form of godliness. Our Lord has taken us through many journeys where we have witnessed a lot of things in the institutional church and it’s many denominations. There is a mass confusion going on in Christianity. I believe that the simplicity of the gospel message has been stolen from people with what happens in institutional churches.

My wife and I were both in leadership positions within a denominational church and without going into great detail at that level God really showed us how god’s children, His sheep are really manipulated by the system. We learned a lot.

We have a number of friends who are career pastors and they don’t understand where we have gone as a family. They don’t understand the freedom that comes with giving up the things that man instituted and relying solely on God. Many people do not understand where we are at and that we just want people to focus on Christ alone walking by faith not by sight according to the things of our flesh, like the systems of man.

After we stepped down from leadership we immediately left the church. We were first sucked into the possibility of church planting with a Pastoring couple. We found that there were far too many gimmicks and it was just another way to control the sheep rather than allow people to choose God by faith themselves.

We left that and felt that we were doing the right thing when we began meeting in a home group situation with 12-17 others. The desire for others to once again institutionalize something quenched the spirit of God. The other couple that we started the group with seemed to want to be the ones in control. It quickly became apparent through different situations that they wanted to be the Pastors of this group. Not to mention that we found out they were swinging toward Word of Faith teachers and the Five fold ministry theology. unlike us we want Jesus Christ to be our Shepherd not man. January 2004 we decided it was better to go our separate ways.

Since then God has really been working with us and the gifts that He has endowed us with. I personally feel called to put into writing what the institutionalized system does and to help people question what they are doing within the system and that there is a lot of deception within institutional churches.

That’s a bit about where we are. I wanted to encourage you in your own walk to continue pointing people to Christ and not to the things of the flesh that man has instituted.
Author’s City/State Unknown

I am asking many questions about my previously held beliefs of the bible since leaving ‘churchianity’ and enjoying simple fellowship with other believers. Your web site helps in my search of many of my questions, pointing me to scriptures regarding these topics. Thank you.
New Zealand

Many Greeting you in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ from me and from my all Church Pakistan. We want to keep fellowship with your church. We all thank you so much in the Precious name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
Lahore, Pakistan

I put together a newsletter that goes out to about 400 prisoners nationwide and was wondering if I could use your Bible Studies to put some into the b-monthly newsletter.
Cartersville, Georgia

Right now it’s frustrating that people aren’t getting it. The notes from my Bible study say the disciples were confused thinking the temple being destroyed would also mean the end of the age (based on the fact they were confused about prophecies about the Messiah). They also say that Luke 21:12-24 is 70 AD, but not the same as Matthew 24:15-28, because of what Matthew says in verse 21-22 about a greater tribulation”unequaled from the beginning of the world until now-never to be equaled again.” People don’t realize how bad that tribulation was. The Bible study notes do mention in previous notes that they ran out of wood during the 66-70 tribulation, because there were so many people crucified. But that wasn’t a great tribulation to them. Doesn’t make sense to me.
Ocala, Florida

I fully agree with you about the kingdom being within us right now. I also agree that the understanding of covenants is critical to understanding where we are now. However, it initially appears to me that we should be expecting some major events sometime in the future, and associated with the end of this physical world.

I have never studied eschatology. Some day I’ll probably get to that. However, certain aspects do, necessarily, overlap with everyday new covenant life. It’s for this reason that I’m interested in your views.
San Jose, California

I was thrilled recently to discover your website, and have much enjoyed reading your “position papers” and “learning activities.” I would be interested to know your views on the traditional concept of “hell.” Do you have a position paper or some learning activity on this topic? Since you correctly point out that Jesus strictly talks about Gehenna (as a graphic illustration of the forthcoming judgment in AD 70?), rather than some afterlife hell, and that there is no other specific NT apostolic teaching on this subject, I’m sure you would have some good teaching to offer!
Port Melbourne, Australia

LOVE your web site and teachings…
Midland, Texas

I want to again thank you for all the wisdom you have dispensed through the years. You were one of the first that really helped me put things together. Thanks again for your commitment to the truth!
Brandon, Florida

The books that you sent me have truly been a blessing to me. I will soon be sharing with my household the things that you have written. I have not long ago abandoned my dispensational premillennial view. I believe that all eschatology points to the end of the Old Covenant. I love your web site. It too has helped me tremendously.
Greenville, South Carolina

I stumbled upon your web site by accident, looking for something else, using Goggle. I have a couple of new believers, beside me and my wife, meeting in our living room. I’ve known Christ as my husband and friend for 35 years, and have come to see (completely on my own) everything that you mention on your web site. I’ve come to the conclusion that “church,” the gathering together we see in the New Testament was only for back in time, waiting for Christ’s imminent arrival. They gathered together waiting for the day of the Lord. We have Him now; we are married now; we are resurrected now; All things have been fulfilled by Him. And yet here we are, every church, on every corner, in every town, everywhere: waiting(!) for Him!! It’s entirely ridiculous! People say “well, if everything is past, and there’s nothing left to fulfill, eschatologically speaking, what’s left for us now?” And I tell them “CHRIST!” It’s simply Christ who is left! And they can’t handle an answer like that. They can’t simply have the Lord; it needs to be Christ and ________. I am simply saddened and perplexed by the complete lack of trust in the lives of “believers.”
New York

Hi Edward, received both books, thanks so much. I have already copied all the lessons and I’m teaching them to my grandchildren (5 lessons a month) it is one of the best Bible studies I have ever found 2 Peter 1:20, 21. Anything else you think I may need please send. I am in total agreement with your lessons and books.

West Chester, Ohio

I am indebted to you for your study materials and a book of yours which have contributed to my knowledge about Covenant Eschatology. I feel the need to express my gratitude to God and to you for the lessons and illustrations. Thank you very much. It is beyond words to describe how I am benefited by your materials on the internet.

The Philippines


The information you provide is helpful.

Monrovia, Liberia


I am writing to you to thank you because sometime back you provided a friend of mine useful answers to some Bible questions. The answers proved useful, and informative to both of us and other colleagues in our area! You are very good at stringing words together like a spider spins a web in what you put together in these articles which makes it easier to understand and clear away confusion on the subject..well done!

Ikeja State, Nigeria

Thank you for all your hard labor of love..bless you.

San Jose, California

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