How to Use

How To Use the Christ Eternal Christian Church Web Site

There are a number of ways a person may utilize the service this web church offers. The best way to make use of this material is for the individual user to determine the way in which it can best serve them. Here are some examples of how other people have made use of the web site.


A person may select a topic from the Learning Activity or Position Paper LIST and:

  • Read and study it while on line.
  • Print a copy of the material and study it at a convenient time.


May use the approach described above for individuals, but after a time of study they may choose to engage in a discussion over the content and life application of the material.

Home School Students

May use the approach described above for individuals. The parent(s) may then discuss the topic content for understanding and application in the life of the student.

Sunday School Teachers

Some of the material on this web site may be just what you may be looking for to assist you in presenting meaningful lessons in your Sunday school classes.

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