Christ Eternal Christian Church Web Site Purpose

To provide an alternative for traditional “church” for the following groups of people:

Christians who are “drop outs” of the organized Christian church, for whatever reason, and desire some outside stimulation for spiritual growth.

People who are “housebound” or are physically unable to attend a traditional church.

People who have tired of the traditional church environment consisting of an emphasis on: collecting money, building a pastoral empire, church building programs, and multi-layered church programs that dilute the quality of family or individual life.

Christians who are in a church but believe they are not being fed on the truths of the Bible.

People who are single, single parents or married couples who want a method of introducing biblical teaching into their lives on a flexible schedule (one that you determine rather than the institution of church determines).

The non-Christian, a method is provided whereby they may examine the claims of Christ and either decide in a positive manner to accept what He has said about Himself in the Scriptures as truth, or to reject who He said He was and is today.

Parent(s) who are home schooling their child(ren) who desire to include a unit of instruction on Christianity in their curriculum.

Those who meet in their home as was the case with the first century Christians, or are participating in a home ekklesia setting and are looking for study materials to be used in conjunction with their home meeting activities.

Those in the ekklesia who have been released to function under the headship of Christ without the use of intermediaries and hierarchical control.