Learning Activity 8D

The Presence of God

Understanding the topic and the reality of Gods presence is seriously misunderstood in Christianity today. Most Christians pick up their theology on this subject by listening to other Christians and unfortunately accept what is being said without checking it out in the Scriptures. What is it that the Bible portrays about the presence of God in the New Covenant in which we live today?

1. John 14:20

2. What is being referred to by Jesus when He uses the words, “that day.”

3. To whom was Jesus speaking?

4. What did Jesus say in verse 20 that is significant?

5. John 17:21

6. To whom was Jesus speaking in verse 21?

7. What key statement does Jesus make in verse 21?

8. John 17:23

9. Where did Jesus say He would be in verse 23?

We conclude from the above that God is in the believer under the New Covenant. This arrangement is possible because God is a spirit being (See Learning Activity #2). Learning Activity #8 provides additional scriptural support for God being in us.

After understanding the above truth, how can we continue to perpetuate sayings and actions such as the following.

A. Christians who roll their eyes upward when speaking about God (indicating that God is up in heaven).

B. Christians who refer to God as “the man upstairs.”

C. Inviting the Holy Spirit to come into our presence such as at prayer meetings and other religious ceremonies (such as is quite common in charismatic, spirit filled and Pentecostal Christian meetings).

D. “When we go to be with God.”

E. “When God comes back.”

F. “God is watching.”

G. “You could feel God’s presence” (God’s presence is not proven by any emotional experience but by the facts of Scripture).

H. “I felt really close to God.”

I. “I want to get closer to God.”

J. Singing songs about God that make Him separate from us.

K. And many others…

All of A through J above teach and illustrate a theology of separation of God and the believer that is not a part of the New Covenant.

Other Christians have God coming and going from their presence somewhat like a yo-yo for various reasons. But what does the Scripture say?

10. Hebrews 13:5

We conclude that God comes and lives within the believer at the instant of belief under the New Covenant and NEVER leaves the believer!

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